Welcome to Our Community!

We are passionate about the work we do in the world. We truly care about empowering individuals in living the life they desire. Everyday we rise knowing that with each person we reach, the world is a better place. But we can only do this because everyday we really embrace the Start With Yourself concept.



Alida Wells is Co-Owner of Start With Yourself – South Bay.  Alida is a graduate of East Carolina University with a degree in Business.  After 20 years of working in the IT field, she retired to spend more time with her family.

Alida is a wife and the mother of two teenage boys.  When her children were younger, she realized she would need to exercise regularly to keep up with active kids.  After watching her oldest son participate in a Kempo Karate class, Alida decided that just going to the gym would never hold her interest so she gave karate a try.  She was hooked and dedicated herself to Karate for eight years.  All of her hard work had paid off and in November 2013, she earned her black belt.

Karate was fun and challenging but Alida needed a little more physical activity to complement karate.  After some searching, she found a personal trainer who introduced her to CrossFit.  Alida tried many CrossFit boxes over a few years and finally found a home at CrossFit South Bay.  CrossFit has become one of her favorite workout activities mainly because the workouts are constantly changing.  It’s hard to get bored when each day is a completely different workout.

Alida Wells

In 2012, Alida got really adventurous. After reading a series of books with Scotland as the back drop she convinced a couple of friends to go on a tour of Scotland with her. However, part of the adventure meant they had to hike The Great Glen Way. The Great Glen Way is an 80 mile hike through the Highlands of Scotland from Fort William to Inverness. It was truly a unique experience that she would love to do again. She has since hiked Mt. Wilson and Cucamonga Peak in Southern California.

Alida is always looking for new and exciting challenges. She became interested in the Start With Yourself experience due the opportunity to try new exercise disciplines and to forge new friendships within the community. Alida is excited about bringing Start With Yourself to the South Bay area.

E.J. Wells is Co-Owner of Start With Yourself – South Bay.  E.J. played football, wrestled and threw the shotput on the track team in high school.  E.J. has been successful in the technology field for the past 20 years and is a dedicated husband and father.

E.J.’s physical activities had taken a back seat to family and career but he would still take on challenges like 5K/10K runs, trail hiking, water and snow skiing, cycling and he has even completed two Spartan races.  The Spartan race is no joke, fun for people who like torture and the entire thing is up hill!

E.J. Wells

E.J. has a positive attitude, is a strong motivator and committed mentor who is not afraid of a challenge.  E.J. is excited to bring Start With Yourself to the South Bay, getting involved with the community and creating a strong bond with new friends.


  • Narrow in on the one thing in your life, that if you focused on, would have the biggest impact in every area of your life.
  • Nothing is in the particular. The way you do anything is the way you do everything. Same with your way of being.
  • If you were going to invest in your future best self now, where would you put your time and energy today?
  • Start with yourself spreads to your family, friends and into your local community.