The #1 Integrative and Holistic Health and Fitness Program

Our 12-week program includes an amazing nutrition plan, fitness program and support system that is designed to get you in the best shape of your life, inside and out.


Find physical movement you love
Feel good in your body.
Whether you are an athlete or someone who hasn’t exercised in years, this program is for you.
We have everything from low impact to high intensity.


Try new things.
Explore the possibilities available in your hometown.
Have a stay-cation right in your city.


Expand your community.
Meet new people.
Build a thriving community.
Be a part of a thriving community.
Stay healthy by connecting with other people.
Make new friends.
Organized and in-person events.

Regular Registration

  • This is for 1 full registration for our 12-week Start With Yourself program. *Start with yourself spreads to your family, friends and into your local community. Because this is our Inaugural event, we are giving all participants a huge discount incentive for joining us in the first time!
Spring 2018

Registration Plus

  • Select this option when you are paying for yourself for the 12-week Start With Yourself program, but are signing up with a group of 10 individuals. This option is for the Spring 2018 program only.
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