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What We Do

I always knew I wanted to open a professional school, where all would be taught and guided toward their goal as professional dancers. I believe that all dancers should receive this high level of training, even if they are recreational dancers or dancers who have returned to dance as a way to stay in shape.

I promised myself that when I opened my studio it would always be a positive place of learning. Dancers learn and perform better when they are treated well and feel secure. We support each other and this support comes full circle making stronger dancers! We love and honor all dancers.

I am excited for your journey in dance and I am looking forward to the future with you.

-Francesca Stern, Owner, Artistic Director and Instructor


We have a beautiful, open air-conditioned studio with lots of room to move on a floating wood floor. Dancing on our high-performance floor results in fewer injuries and a longer ability to dance.



  • Five studios with floating Russian birch floors
  • Student lounge
  • Homework room
  • Parent waiting area with closed circuit viewing of class rooms
  • Dancewear boutique

Featured Week

We are part of Dance Camp Week.

Donation to Raffle

To be determined.

Offering to Participants

To be determined.

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