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The Right Fit For The Perfect Run Because Simply Put, We’re Running With You. We Are Manhattan Beach’s Local Run Shop.

We’re a Run Shop designed by runners, ran by racers and trained to develop all levels of runners. From beginners to competition winners, we have the expertise of over 50+ years of hitting the trails and streets of Southern California to find the perfect fit shoe for your feet. It’s not allabout look. It’s a science. The right shoe can make or break a run. The perfect fit shoe can correct or avoid injury.

We carry top brands of shoes but know that the right fit might mean a newer upcoming brand. At Garrett’s Run Shop, we’re not just selling a shoe, we’re cultivating a community of runners pounding the Southbay pavement and SoCal trails.


We will be providing a free shoe fitting clinic.

Donation to Raffle

To be determined.

Offering to Participants

We offer 15% off the purchase of a pair of running shoes during the shoe fitting clinic.

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We are thrilled to be a part of the Start With Yourself movement! The best way for us to grow our business so we can continue to serve more people is by receiving REVIEWS. If you have a positive experience with us, please leave us a review, we would greatly appreciate it!

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